Our Iron Foundry Plant utilizes advanced static-pressure impact moulding lines from KW Company in Germany.  Custom designed and imported from Germany, it is the largest green-sand moulding line in China, and among the largest and most modern in the world.  The dimension of the flask is 1500 x 1200 x 500 mm, with a design output of 60 flasks per hour.  The sand treatment equipment such as the sand mixer, cooler, automatic moisture control device and core shooter are also from KW Company in Germany.  The electric furnaces and cupola, where a furan resin self-hardening core making line is in use, are imported from Endor Iron Furnace Co. in USA.

Our advanced testing system includes metallographic inspection equipment as well as mechanical property and chemical composition testing devices.

A great variety of top quality castings can be made from various materials.  The main product of this plant are grey/ductile iron castings ranging from 50g to 200 tons per piece that are widely used in trucks, tractors, trailers, diesel engines, mining equipment, etc.